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Kemoy Martin

Serial entrepreneur, speaker, & world traveler exploring this planet one country at a time. An author teaching the community how to expand their mind while taking travel to new levels.

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Avid Traveler

By Land, Air and Sea

Advocacy for men in adventure travel, diversity in travel, travel, and safety for anyone who dares to step out of their comfort zone.


Panelist, Moderator and Host

Going All In: The act & decision of doing what it takes to live the life you deserve. Living your dreams, building a legacy & impacting the community in the process.

Brand Ambassador


Diversity and Inclusion are 

more than buzz words.

Get real results for company initiatives and 
marketing strategies.

Who is Kemoy?

I’m an author, serial entrepreneur, world traveler, speaker, & coach. After graduating college I had a challenging time finding a career in my "field", and my first job out of college was in Social Services, shortly after working there I found out i was meant to be an entrepreneur.

I quit my job in 2013 with only $10,000 in my bank account, just barely starting a new business & with a lot of faith. I’ve been a full-time entrepreneur ever since. Today I run multiple successful businesses & I teaching people all over the world how to become financially independent!-NEWSWEEK


"Life begins at the end of your comfort zone."

-Neale Donald Walsch

Partner with Me.

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